The most valuable asset in your business is your employees. What is the cost not protecting your employees from violence in the workplace?


Atlantic Bulletproof & Security Solutions specializes in custom bullet resistant barriers and a full suite of bullet resistant products that are designed to fit your work environment. We have expertise in the design and installation of a total security solution including Bullet-Resistant Barrier Systems (Bullet Proof Glass & Doors), CCTV Surveillance Systems, and Access Control Systems.


Atlantic Bulletproofs barrier and theft deterrent architecture solutions for financial institutions, government facilities, fast food outlets, convenience stores, and other establishments where a threat of robbery and violence exists


More and more institutions are implementing very high levels of safety and security in their facilities by adding Bullet Resistant Barriers, Bullet Resistant Doors, Digital Video Surveillance and Access Control in order to ensure the safety of their business and to provide a sense of peace of mind for their highly valued employees.


Don’t wait until its too late!

Bullet Resistant Glass

Atlantic Bulletproof offers a full suite of bullet resistant products for protection against a wide range of ballistic threat levels.  Our all Glass products combine multiple layers of glass and polyvinyl butyral (pvb) with “no spall” protection and UL Listings for various levels of protection.  more

Bullet Resistant Panels

Atlantic Bulletproof Bullet Resistant Panels (fiberglass ballistic panels) are constructed to provide any facility with the latest in military grade protection from armed attackers.

Our Bullet Resistant Panels offer superior ballistic resistance at a weight less than 25% that of a comparable steel panel. These same panels are now available for commercial security applications for your business, home, or governmental facility.