Bandit Barriers

Atlantic Bulletproof specializes in the consultation, design, engineering, manufacture, fabrication, and installation of bullet glass, barrier systems, and armored car systems.  


We offer a comprehensive line of bullet resistant barriers, bullet resistant transaction windows, bullet resistant doors, bullet resistant panel, bullet resistant package passers and accessories.


Atlantic Bulletproofs barrier and theft deterrent architecture solutions for financial institutions, government facilities, fast food outlets, convenience stores, and other establishments where a threat of robbery and violence exists

Bullet Resistant Barrier Systems

Counter Tops and Complete Counter Systems (Laminate and Solid Surface)
Complete terrerlines for Banks, Check Cashing Facilities, etc.
      •Bullet Resistive Bandit Barriers (Glass or Acrylics)
      •Drive Up Windows for Banks, Pharmacies, Scrap Yards etc...
      •Walk Up Transaction Windows for all applications
      •Ticket Windows
      •Voice Ports (all types)
      •Transaction Trays (counter mounted or recessed)
      •Deal Drawers (Electric or Manual)
      •Audio Equipment for many applications
      •Retro-fit existing equipment with our new products
      •Sales, Fabrications, installation or shipping on all products
      •ATM Buildings/Kiosks/Sales and Service