Bullet Resistant Doors

Custom Bullet Resistant Door can be for interior or exterior use (exterior requires threshold framing) and is manufactured to meet UL752 Level 1 or 8 protection. Available with or without a vision window, all doors and frames are fabricated from prime quality cold rolled steel and include a baked on rust inhibitor oxide primer. Vision windows are glazed with bullet resistant glass.

Bullet Resistant Door Window

This stainless steel CRL Vision Window Frame allows the addition of a Vision Window to almost any door. Commonly used in security applications, Vision Windows provide a means of viewing people before allowing access into a secured area. Vision Windows are for interior or exterior use, and are available with your choice of bullet resistant glazing. Manufactured from 11 gauge stainless steel with a brushed #4 finish, Vision Window Frames are fabricated in sizes to fit your specified opening. They can also be custom made with Speak-Thru and Pass-Thru accessories.

  • Each Unit is Customized and Fabricated to Fit Your Specified Opening
  • Available Without Glazingor With Your Choice of Bullet Resistant Glazing
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Available With Speak-Thru and Pass-Thru Accessories